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Artist's Mission Statement

Cathy Wessels


My paintings are my personal interpretation of the beauty that surrounds me in San Diego's North County.

I have great memories of standing at the edge of the ocean trying to capture the shadows in paint while everything is constantly shifting.

I paint with friends. We all love to be out there and the laughter between us is more important than any finished work.

Painting is a privilege as well as a discipline.

It’s an extended journey that has many captivating destinations.

I love the negative spaces of sky between the limbs of trees, the grey tones in the fog of a December morning, and the mirrored images of reeds on the calm lagoons.

I hope my art brings joy and inspiration to

all who see it.


About the Artist

Cathy Wessels is an oil painter and instructor who draws on decades of painting and drawing experience to produce vigorous works. While mostly self taught, she has been fortunate to learn from such esteemed artists as Jeff Yeoman, Toni Williams & Danny Griego.


Paintings by Cathy Wessels have been exhibited at numerous North County San Diego and Laguna Beach venues and including Off Track Gallery in Encinitas, California and the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild Pop-Up Galleries, SuziQ Gallery Laguna.


Cathy is a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild, San Dieguito Art Guild and So Cal Plein Air Painters Association.


She resides in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Contact the artist to inquire or buy:

Cell: 858-923-6900">

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